About Us

Message from the Founders

We founded this company with this end goal in mind: enable our customers to learn and understand their risk and implement a consistent SAP security culture. As of now, there is not a global cybersecurity standard in place for SAP systems. Each country follows a different guideline, audit companies have different rules, and the products are so complex that there are very few dedicated SAP security experts.

We believe that the best way to increase the cybersecurity standard is by educating the Three Lines of Defense, focusing on establishing security as a bedrock within each line’s culture. When employees are taught how to secure a system, when learning and security become a part of the culture, they can adequately secure their SAP systems. We want the NO MONKEY message to spread around the world and to build a community around it.

We look forward to excelling cybersecurity know-how across the globe with you.

Jochen Fischer & Marco HammelNO MONKEY Founders

  • Jochen FischerCo-Founder and CEO
  • Marco HammelCo-Founder and CTO