Fundamental aspects of code security for Node.JS applications

Learn how you can implemenat a more secure Node.JS app.

Node.JS is a widely used server-side runtime for the JavaScript programming language and a prominent option the develop applications in the SAP Business Technology platform. You'll learn how to implement protective security measures based on the SAP cloud application programming model.

Completing this E-Learning course:

  • The learner knows how to assess if Node.JS programming features and SDK's being used appropriately to eliminate security flaws.
  • The learner can use Node.JS programming features and SDK's to eliminate fundamental security flaws
  • The learner is aware and cautious of the appropriate use of security-sensitive programming features.

General Information

  • Each e-learning lasts 1 hour and costs 149 Euro plus VAT
  • all e-learnings are available regardless of the time of day and location
  • all e-learnings are available in the English language

Technical Requirements


  • Participants have an HTML5 capable browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) on their desktop operating system
  • The firewall of the computer or network firewall does not block outgoing connections to NO MONKEY domains


  • The computer has at least downstream bandwidth of at least 3 MBit/s and upstream of 1 MBit/s

Please consider here further and more detailed requirements for access and infrastructure.

Marco HammelCo-Founder and CTO, NO MONKEY
  • More than eight years in educating, advising, and securing people, processes, and SAP technology
  • With his experience as a software developer, the topic of code and software pipeline security is his main focus
  • CISSP certified cybersecurity expert with an SAP technology background
Fundamentals of Securing ABAP® Based Business Applications

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