Fundamentals of SAP remote services

Learn how you can increase the protection of SAP remote services in your network.

If you ever wanted to know about the security from the most important network services of SAP applications, this is the place to be. Minimizing the exposure of services is crucial to the security of software. The same applies to SAP applications. Some services are supposed to be exposed to networks of a lower level of trust, others not. We will figure out if and why SAP using organizations struggle to sufficiently limit access to their core business applications? Ask yourself: How does your organization implement the least privilege principle on the network layer for SAP applications, and how is it controlled?

Completing this E-Learning course:

  • You know how to discover SAP remote services
  • You can determine the risk of exposure of a specific service
  • You know which SAP specific protocols provide access to business logic


  • Basic knowledge of the functions of IP networks
  • Basic understanding of host services and interfaces
  • Fundamental understanding of network security concepts

General Information

  • Each e-learning lasts 1 hour and costs 149 Euro plus VAT
  • all e-learnings are available regardless of the time of day and location
  • all e-learnings are available in the English language

Technical Requirements


  • Participants have an HTML5 capable browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) on their desktop operating system
  • The firewall of the computer or network firewall does not block outgoing connections to NO MONKEY domains


  • The computer has at least downstream bandwidth of at least 3 MBit/s and upstream of 1 MBit/s

Please consider here further and more detailed requirements for access and infrastructure.

Marco HammelCo-Founder and CTO, NO MONKEY
  • More than eight years in educating, advising, and securing people, processes, and SAP technology
  • With his experience as a software developer, the topic of code and software pipeline security is his main focus
  • CISSP certified cybersecurity expert with an SAP technology background
Fundamentals of Securing ABAP® Based Business Applications

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