Here at the NO MONKEY Academy, we believe in the power of choice. Our focus is on giving companies the freedom to choose what you and your team learn, and we don’t want to force you to buy costly lessons that could be obsolete quickly or be pigeon-holed into purchasing large packages with courses that might not pertain to you. To give you this freedom, we offer a credit-based payment system that you can use for our e-learning offerings. We call these credits Kujambels (qwee-yahm-bells).

Kujambel Credits

What is a Kujambel credit?

A Kujambel is a credit that you use to take advantage of our e-learning course offerings. Instead of always getting a new invoice for the e-learning course you want to take, you can purchase Kujambel credits instead. You have the freedom to learn what you want when you want it.

Where can I use my Kujambel credits?

You can redeem your Kujambel credits for all of the e-learning course offerings. Classroom training, virtual and on-site, and your personal blended learning plan are not included.

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What does a Kujambel credit cost?

Each e-learning course lasts one hour and costs one Kujambel credit – this equals 100 Euro plus VAT.

How do I buy Kujambel credits?

Reach out to us, and we will send you an invoice for the amount you want. We are setting up a way to pay for Kujambel credits with PayPal or Credit Card to get them instantaneously.