Stop looking for the rare individuals who understand SAP from a cybersecurity perspective and start training your employees to be them!

  • E-Learning On Demand
    • Position adapted learning content
    • Modularized curricula concept
    • Preparation for certification exams
    • Based off of the NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • Virtual Classroom Training
    • Live instructor
    • Restricted class sizes
    • Coaching as you go
    • Smaller breakout sessions included
    • Immediate feedback and questions answered
  • Blended Learning
    • Hands-on training with on-site SAP Security Expert
    • Customized learning paths
    • Up to 12 participants per class
    • Corporate trainings tailored to your company's needs

E-Learning On Demand

Our one-hour courses are designed with videos, interactive games, and occasional quizzes to make learning interactive. Each course falls within a distinct cross-section within the NO MONKEY Security Matrix, so you know what the course is about at a glance. Whether you are on a train, in the office, or in between pitches at an event, you can use the time to learn about SAP security.

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Virtual Classroom Training

Everyone learns differently, which is why we also offer virtual and on-site classroom training. Our trainings apply the same concept from our courses – each training has distinct learning goals designed for specific roles. With our virtual classroom, you get all the benefits of on-site training, such as being able to interact with the professor and your fellow classmates in smaller break-out sessions.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have suspended regularly scheduled on-site training offers for a later date. If you are interested in having a corporate on-site training, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can design any training to fit your specific needs.

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Blended Learning

Our blended option combines our intensive eLearning courses with our interactive classroom trainings. This is perfect for those who want a refresher before diving into a guided course, and who want to go more in-depth into a topic. It also ensures that all participants have the same level of knowledge, so the classroom training can dive right into what matters most.

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