Live Online Training

Our Live Online Trainings offer the benefits of having a guided instructor and small group work without the hassle of traveling to a physical classroom. These training sessions set you on the right path so you can start focusing on increasing your SAP cybersecurity the very next day. These courses are perfect for your cybersecurity educational needs, whether it’s about understanding the basics or diving deeper into what to look for.

The Five Top Benefits of NO MONKEY’s Live Online Trainings

  • The training allows you to have a more flexible schedule because you save travel time and can learn in multiple-days-session – use your saved and valuable time for tasks that make a difference.
  • Live Online Training sessions allow you to reduce costs – you save a lot of money you usually spent on travel, accommodation, and possible rental prices.
  • Our training sessions allow you to participate easily in all available classes wherever you are – you don’t need to travel worldwide to join.
  • Our Live Online Training sessions allow you to learn practically - you will be able to adapt your knowledge right away in an SAP training environment and make your SAP security run safer the next day.
  • The training allows you to learn in an up-to-date way, guided by qualified experts – we provide you with short, interactive, and gamified elements making learning not only less complex but more manageable and memorable for you.

Available Trainings

Why Learn SAP Security Virtually?

We offer each virtual training on multiple days, so it can best fit into your schedule. Our teachers are hand-picked security experts who have experience in the topics they are teaching and combined with small classes, and you get a personalized, high-quality education. Incorporated into the day are break-out sessions so you can work in teams, applying and practising your knowledge with different games and puzzles. To top it all off, we also run our own SAP training machines so that you can transform the theory into practice.

Our current SAP security training topics change periodically to give you the most up-to-date information, but previous classes are always available when requested. Let us know, and we will be happy to set the training up for you.

How We Help to Empower Your Employees Successfully

"Let me first say that I had some previous contact with other SAP-related trainings, but this one was by far the best. One can clearly see that you are a knowledgeable trainer with a wide array of expertise, willing to sidetrack interesting topics as they arrive."

Alexander MeierTeam Lead SAP Security Services at SEC Consult

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