Welcome to Fundamentals of Cryptography in Business Systems

Sound knowledge of protection concepts, different implementation styles and attack vectors are the ‘basics’ when it comes to safeguarding cryptographic systems. Getting great at the basics is one of the most important ways to protect against cyber threats and it doesn’t take as long as you think. In one 4-hour session IT experts with different disciplines learn together how to get ‘great’ at managing cryptographic systems in your business IT environment. Structured to be hands-on, security topics are broken down into bite sized concepts with interactive exercises, and demonstrations that make learning directly applicable and easier to recall later. On top of that, you will be able ask questions along the way, receive direct feedback, and participate in a follow up, 1 hour ‘ask-anything’ session with your instructor.

A Taste of What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the protection capabilities of different kinds of cryptographic systems and the challenges using them.
  • Through real-world examples you will learn the most common mistakes people make when protecting cryptographic systems how to avoid them.
  • Learn how you can compile criteria for the protection traits by regulations, independent advisory and business needs your cryptographic system require.
  • Gain practical experience in creating a cryptographic system by creating a public key infrastructure by applying the different steps involved to understand the obstacles for creating and hardening such a system.
  • Find out how you can assess the most important parameters of cryptographic system and what questions are relevant to ask to verify if a certain system meets protection goals.

Course Information

  • Number of Modules: 5
  • Duration: 2 days, 5 hours total (day 1 9:00am - 13:00 CET, day 2* 9:00 - 10:00 CET)

    *day 2 to be scheduled within 1 month of day 1.
  • Class Size: 7-14 participants per class
  • Investment: 500 EUR per person taxes excluded
  • Software Version: Unrestricted
  • Instructor: Marco Hammel Co-Founder of NO MONKEY
  • Security Skill Matrix: IYPT-P learn more here

Modules Covered in Online Class

  1. Fundamental of Cryptography in Business Systems
  2. Fundamentals of Assessing Cryptographic Systems
  3. Fundamentals of Hardening Cryptographic Setups
  4. Fundamentals of Cryptographic Protection Concepts in Cloud Infrastructure

*NO MONKEY SAP Security training content is referenced to existing standards for application security such as OWASP, NIST, and SAP recommendations.

Who’s a Good Fit


  • Developer
  • Application Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Cloud Infrastructure Administrators

IT Security

  • Application Security Experts
  • Security Architects
  • IT Security Auditors

NIST/NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework Work Roles

Security Control Assessor (SP-RSK-002)
Information System Security Developer (SP-SYS-001)
Software Developer (SP-DEV-001)
Secure Software Assessor (SP-DEV-002)
Systems Developer (SP-SYS-002)
System Administrator (OM-ADM-001)
IT Program Auditor OV-PMA-005)

Who Else Might Be A Good Fit

If you have a technical background but now you work as a team lead or policy maker but need to understand the effort of implementing and operating cryptographic systems required for your organisation.



  • General understanding of information theory such as the sender and receiver principle
  • Fundamental knowledge of discrete mathematics and statistics


  • Reading and understanding simple source code examples
  • Use command line tools by applying POSIX syntax and read simple BASH or Windows command scripts
  • The general approaches of information security classification by the CIA triad


  • General knowledge on the concepts of public key infrastructures and digital signatures
  • bracketing and concepts of access management like Biba, Clark-Wilson, Bella-Padula, Chinese Wall

Practice Environment Tools

For these courses you will get in introduction into different open source or free available tools to create cryptographic systems and assess them.

In addition you will need:

  • The latest version of the OpenSSL software for your operating system https://www.openssl.org/source/
  • A HTML5 ready browser preferably Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • (Optional) Zoom

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