The NO MONKEY Advisory provides a strategic security solution that combines industry standards and our methodologies to guide organizations to adopt a tailored-to SAP security strategy. We focus on incorporating SAP security into your current cybersecurity strategy.

Individual areas where we can help

Each organization we work with has different needs. We offer a suite of services to help you better understand and protect your SAP landscape – such that helps and benefits your PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY security.

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To improve your security defenses, you must first learn to see your risk and vulnerabilities through the lens of the SAP landscape. We can show you how to do that. Are you ready?

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What’s Your Security Maturity Level?

The SAP Security Maturity Model was developed to help you identify processes and controls that do not exist or are not working. We want to provide a roadmap for how your organization can change that culture and achieve the purposed level of maturity. The SAP Security Maturity Model allows your organization to determine your SAP security posture based on controls used to define a maturity level. This enables you to plan and enhance your security mechanisms when protecting SAP resources.

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First, We Believe In Securing People!

To allow organizations using enterprise business applications to determine an achievable, tailored-to approach defining actionable targets and measurable results, with the capability to scale by strengthening people, leveraging processes, and enhancing the use of tools. The Core Business Security Application (CBAS) project is designed to combine different industry standards and expertise from various security professionals to provide a comprehensive framework to align the enterprise application security measures with the organization’s security strategy.

Our initial part of our open-source project focuses on people assessment.

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