SAP Code Security Evaluation

Detect Security Flaws Within Your Code

To get transparency of the security of ABAP® based 3rd party or custom implemented business applications and interfaces, a code security review can provide insights about code-based security flaws as well to what level the code applies to the code security standards in the organization as well as common code security best practices in the ABAP® technology.

How you will benefit from conducting the SAP Code Security Evaluation:

  • Identify flaws and weaknesses in ABAP based third party or custom applications and interfaces
  • Propose different patches for the identified vulnerabilities
  • Provide best practices to maintain the security of developed or acquired applications (aligned with the organizations SDLC process)

Similar security services around your TECHNOLOGY:

Each organization we work with has different needs. We offer a suite of services to help you better understand and protect your SAP landscape – such as the SAP Code Security Evaluation helps and benefits your TECHNOLOGY security. The following offerings are similar services that safeguard your SAP environment through your technology:

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