SAP Network Security Assessment

Review Your SAP Foundation

To understand the security implications of the company’s core business application network setup with requirements to connect cloud services, vendor support accesses, and different data center sites, a review of the network infrastructure of the core business applications is an efficient way to mitigate application security risks by minimizing the attack surface on the network level.

How you will benefit from conducting the SAP Network Security Assessment:

  • Review network security measures that are in place to protect your SAP environment
  • Identify vulnerabilities in the organization's network design, policies, and assets that may affect the SAP environment
  • Identify insecure protocols being used across the network
  • Advice on different patches and fixes that mitigate and remediate identified weaknesses and threats

Similar security services around your TECHNOLOGY:

Each organization we work with has different needs. We offer a suite of services to help you better understand and protect your SAP landscape – such as the SAP Network Security Assessment helps and benefits your TECHNOLOGY security. The following offering is a similar service that safeguards your SAP environment through your technology:

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To improve your security defenses, you must first learn to see your risk and vulnerabilities through the lens of the SAP landscape.

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