SAP Penetration Testing

Stress Test Your System

To get governance about vulnerabilities and their severity to SAP applications, a penetration test using a grey box approach provides an efficient way to determine and classify vulnerabilities in an SAP application. As a result, activities to remediate vulnerabilities or mitigate the risk they expose can be conducted.

How you will benefit from conducting the SAP Penetration Testing:

  • Threats are identified within your entire SAP environment (scope dependent)
  • Identify exploitable vulnerabilities that affect your SAP environment
  • Vulnerabilities are classified and rated depending on your business goals and requirements
  • Quick fixes, best practices, and playbooks are suggested to maintain an acceptable level of security

Similar security services around your TECHNOLOGY:

Each organization we work with has different needs. We offer a suite of services to help you better understand and protect your SAP landscape – such as the SAP Penetration Testing helps and benefits your TECHNOLOGY security. The following offering is a similar service that safeguards your SAP environment through your technology:

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