Security Aptitude Assessment

Understand Your Organization's Aptitude

Skill, knowledge, and responsibility gaps are a primary cause of miscommunication and security weaknesses within an organization's IT operations, security, and compliance areas. The governance around skill and knowledge gaps is essential to make an efficient decision to improve an organization's security posture, starting with increasing the staff's security capabilities to protect the organization's core business applications and data.

How you will benefit from conducting the Security Aptitude Assessment:

  • Find responsibility and skill gaps within your teams across the entire NO MONKEY Security Matrix
  • Identify opportunities within your teams that may support areas with little to no responsibility
  • Identify risk areas that may manifest into an issue if not properly mitigated or remediated
  • Identify behavioral gaps against different subjects, areas, or situations of the organization

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"We decided to conduct the Security Aptitude Assessment because we wanted to get transparency on our organization's skills, knowledge, and responsibilities - especially among the different departments IT operations, security, and compliance. Carrying out this approach was very professional and helped us realize where we can improve our SAP Security area."

Markus WeissenselChief Information Security Officer & Manager of Group IT at Fuchs Petrolub SE

Read the Customer Success Story

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