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Customer Success Story - Live Online Training

"Many thanks for the entertaining and well-structured training. Very well moderated! The second part of the training with the concrete examples is very helpful, and I personally liked it best."

Fabian HaggSAP Security Consultant at SEC Consult

"Let me first say that I had some previous contact with other SAP-related trainings, but this one was by far the best. One can clearly see that you are a knowledgeable trainer with a wide array of expertise, willing to sidetrack interesting topics as they arrive."

Alexander MeierTeam Lead SAP Security Services at SEC Consult

About the Customer: SEC Consult

The SEC Consult Group is one of the leading consultancies in cyber and application security worldwide. The SEC Consult SAP security consulting team serves various customers with high-quality security assessments of their SAP applications.

Sector: Consultancy


The Challenge

In security assessments and penetration tests, the SAP team of SEC Consult often faces many custom and third-party interfaces implemented in the ABAP® programming language. While the team is highly experienced in finding these vulnerabilities and creating proof of concept exploits, it's challenging to determine and describe the best options to mitigate and fix certain flaws understandably for ABAP® developers.

Our Strategy

We bring together SAP and security experts to build the bridges and create a common understanding from a technology and operations perspective. As a result, experts of the different traits can more efficiently work together, safeguarding the use of SAP software. With our Live Online Trainings, we offer the benefits of having a guided instructor and small group work without the hassle of traveling to a physical classroom. These full-day trainings set customers on the right path so they can start focusing on increasing your SAP cybersecurity the very next day.

Our Solution: Live Online Training

With the “Fundamentals of Securing ABAP® Based Business Applications” course, participants will be guided by a live instructor through seven different security courses where both the attacker's and defender's perspective are provided. Each topic is broken down into easy-to-understand bite-sized concepts that utilize different styles of learning and engagement. Based on this extensive course, the customers have learned about the prevailing security flaws and threats facing ABAP® code, as well as the causes and drivers of security within SAP environments. They are now able to identify and remediate or mitigate code security flaws within ABAP®, and advise stakeholder about them promptly during the software development lifecycle. Finally, they are reinforced of notifying others about missing or insufficient security requirements, as well as design flaws in the review and testing phases.

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