NO MONKEY Virtual Launch Recording

NO MONKEY says: "Hello world". On April 15 we had a fantastic virtual launch. For all those who missed or those who where there and to watch it again, we have put together the entire show in one high-quality video. Please enjoy the recording here:

We do want to touch on a few key points that we discussed in our launch:

Academy Product Offering

To shape your SAP security expertise within your organization, we offer a blended learning concept, which combines the strengths of a virtual, on-site classroom, and e-learning training on one. We aim to create an efficient learning environment for your organization and a professional and personalized experience for the learner.
These include:

    • The advisory and creation of a corporate trainings for your SAP, security, and audit professionals according to your demands
    • Open virtual classroom trainings for a limited audience to join.
    • Announcements of the open trainings will be provided through our newsletter, as well as on our homepage
    • If you would like to know more about these trainings, please fill out the form on our Contact page and select “Virtual Training” as your primary interest

    We are also developing our courses for you and your team to learn about the SAP environment. We are planning to have 46 courses by the end of the year. New courses will be announced by our newsletter. All courses will be listed under our course list.

    Advisory Product Offerings

    To help you create a governance around the knowledge and skills regarding SAP security within your organization, the NO MONKEY ADVISORY can assess your requirements and align an applicable curriculum to meet your needs. If you are looking for unbiased support that is tailored to your specific needs, we can also select the right combination of experts from our Silverback community to assist you in combination with your Advisory Roadmap.
    All upcoming NO MONKEY ADVISORY offerings will be posted through our newsletter and social media pages. Feel free to follow us on LinkedIn. Please note that Kujambels are used only for Academy products. Please get in contact with us so we can consult with you on our Advisory offerings.

    Contact Us

    Interested in purchasing Kujambels? Want to know more details about our product offering and our roadmap for the future? Fill out the form on our Contact Us page, and we will reach out to you personally.