Lessons On Demand

Here at NO MONKEY, we believe in the power of choice. Our focus is on giving companies the freedom to choose what you and your team learn and not be forced to buy costly lessons that could be obsolete quickly or be pigeon-holed into purchasing large packages with courses that might not pertain to you. To give you this freedom, we offer a credit-based payment system that you can use for our service offerings. We call these credits Kujambels (qwee-yahm-bells).

What is a Kujambel?

A Kujambel is a credit that you use in order to take advantage of what the NO MONKEY Academy offers. Think of it in terms of an arcade. To play a game, you insert 50 cents, which equals one credit to play one game. When you put in one Euro, you get two credits and can play two games. The same concept applies to Kujambels.

When can I use my Kujambels?

You can redeem your Kujambels for the different online modules that the Academy produces. Each module is focused on teaching one important component of SAP security. Modules are a combination of videos, mini-quizzes, and games designed to keep learning interactive and interesting while improving knowledge retention.

The modules are designed to target every skill level. If you have more advanced team members, then they can skip the refresher courses and jump right into the content that matters to them. No need to pay for beginning courses if you don’t need them. That way, you only pay for the courses you use. Your team members can work at their own pace so no one is left behind, or struggling to pay attention.

Kujambels can also be used for our other offerings, such as our virtual classroom trainings and even our in person classes. So, if a classroom training costs 1.000 €, you can use 10 Kujambels instead of paying separately. We intentionally keep attendance limited so we can provide the best learning environment, so it is imperative to sign up for classes early on.

Here is a breakdown of the discounts you can receive:

Note: taxes not included in pricing.

Number of Kujambels

Normal Price

Discount (%)

Discount (€)

Total Price


100.000 €

10% + 20%

10.000 €
30.000 €

90.000 €
70.000 €


500.000 €

15% + 20%

75.000 €
175.000 €

425.000 €
325.000 €


1.000.000 €

20% + 20%

200.000 €
400.000 €

800.000 €
600.000 €


2.000.000 €

25% + 20%

500.000 €
900.000 €

1.500.000 €
1.100.000 €


3.000.000 €

30% + 20%

900.000 €
1.500.000 €

2.100.000 €
1.500.000 €