Closed Beta Program

SAP Security, Get Your Organization Involved in the Conversation

Calling all way-showers, thought leaders, and organizations who want to get involved in raising the bar on SAP security. Right now, the NO MONKEY Beta Program is an opportunity for you not only to begin training your employee from a dedicated SAP Security perspective but also to get involved in the conversation on what organizations like yours need to be secure.

The beta program will work together with a select group of organizations to test our e-learning infrastructure and user learning experience. In the beta round, your teams will learn the Fundamentals of SAP Remote Services and gain access to the NO MONKEY SAP Simulation Environment. As part of the beta, we ask that you participate in a feedback session where we listen to what you have to say. We are interested in hearing how you found the course, what we can do better, and what skill sets, courses, and advisory services your organization needs to optimize SAP security. Sessions will shape future academy course content.

Who is this course a good fit for?

  • You have basic knowledge of how IP networks function
  • You have a basic understanding of host services and interfaces
  • You have a fundamental understanding of network security concepts.

Beta Program Overview

  • Course Title: Fundamentals of SAP Remote Services
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Delivery Method: eLearning
  • Easy to follow interactive videos, explanatory texts, charts, visual graphics
  • Interactive games and quizzes to confirm topic knowledge
  • Access to the NO MONKEY SAP Simulation Environment to practice what you’ve learned
  • Feedback Sessions