Welcome to the NO MONKEY Academy for SAP Security Training

Stop looking for the rare individuals who understand SAP from a security perspective and start training your employees to be them!

The NO MONKEY Academy for SAP security training offers courses targeted at filling in knowledge gaps that hinder your key departments from hearing, seeing, and communicating SAP specific security issues. With our different security training options, organizations can quickly acquire the SAP security skills they need to deliver transformative SAP security protection.

Security Training Options

  • The NIST Framework UPGRADED, Introducing the NO MONKEY Security Matrix

    Currently, the protection of the SAP landscape is governed by the Risk Management NIST framework. This framework helps organizations align SAP security activities with their business requirements, risk tolerances, and resources. It's is a must when teaching SAP security, but we've taken it one step further by combining it with our own unique matrix, we call it the NO MONKEY Security Matrix .

    Our goal is to help organizations assess then expand upon their current SAP expertise. The NO MONKEY Security Matrix simplifies the process of choosing courses relevant to your skill level and area of SAP Security you would like to focus on. This makes it easier for teams and individuals to identify training courses that focus on the specific SAP security topics they need and avoid training on what they already know. All the SAP Security training courses offered on our eLearning platform fall within one of the Security Matrix categories.

  • Academy eLearning Platform - SAP Security Training for Home or Office

    Learning on the job doesn't mean it has to be done while in the office. NO MONKEY Academy eLearning is a flexible, scalable solution to training. It gives employees the convenience to schedule when and where they learn about SAP Security. Our eLearning platform gives employees access to a self-paced learning environment where they can expand upon their previous expertise and gain a role-specific and holistic training on how to protect your SAP ecosystem.

  • What’s Included in a NO MONKEY Training Module?

    Our modules are not a one size fits all. We evaluate the individual security topic for each course we offer and decide which learning tools will make the topic the easiest to understand. We design our courses together with the organizations, departments, and experts we work with. Our goal is to offer SAP Security training developed by the SAP community for the SAP community. We break down each topic into easy-to-understand bite-sized concepts that utilize different styles of learning and engagement.

    Flexible Self-Paced Training in Short, One Hour Increments

    Modules include a mix of the following:

    • Professional interactive videos filmed on a green screen
    • Explanatory texts, charts, visual graphics to aid in understanding
    • Interactive games and quizzes to confirm topic knowledge
    • Access to the NO MONKEY SAP Simulation Environment with interactive feedback, to practice what you’ve learned
  • Training Modules Based on High-Involvement Learning & SAP Simulations

    High-involvement learning is designed to improve knowledge retention, it is interactive and interesting, it allows the learner to apply what they have learned directly, and it's an integral part of our eLearning solutions. When Confucius, as in the ancient Chinese philosopher, said:

    Tell me, and I'll forget
    Show me, and I'll remember.
    Let me do it, and I'll understand!


    He didn't know it would later become the basis of how we design our security training modules. Traditional online training generally incorporates the 'tell me' and 'show me' styles of teaching. We've created our SAP Security training modules to include all three. To truly understand a concept, you need to be actively involved in applying what you've learned. To accomplish that, we have created a unique, virtual SAP Simulation Environment, and it plays a significant role in high-involvement learning by allowing learners to practice in a controlled, realistic SAP setting. It is preconfigured with actual security scenarios that prepare employees for real-life situations by enabling them to apply the Security Matrix skills they learn in each module. This helps protect your SAP landscape from harmful or costly mistakes while employees are learning.

  • Individualized Learning Paths - Choose the Specific SAP Security Courses You Need

    The NO MONKEY Academy is unique in the way we present e-Learning. We work side-by-side with companies to give you the freedom to learn what you want and the flexibility and guidance to create your own unique learning path to do it.

    Customized learning paths give learners control of what content they learn. It allows you to create a unique learning path that takes into account your current expertise and targets the specific skill-sets and security topics needed to accomplish your SAP security goals.

  • An Instructor Virtually or On-Site, Both Options Are Available

    Virtual Live Classroom Training

    • Training tailor-made for your organization's needs
    • Continuous coaching as you move through your individual learning path
    • Instructional guidance, immediate feedback, and questions answered
    • Class size maximum of 12 participants

    On-site Training

    • A hands-on learning experience with a subject matter expert to guide you through each exercise, answer questions, and offer immediate feedback.
    • Employees get access to the NO MONKEY SAP Simulation Environment to practice what they've learned.
    • Up to 12 participants per class.

    If you would like more information on how to schedule a NO MONKEY SAP Security Training course, please click the link below, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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