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What Makes the Difference Between a Secure SAP Landscape and One at Risk of Cyberattack?

We believe PEOPLE hold the superhero powers that will ultimately keep proactive organizations cyber-resilient — now and in the future.

People - Processes - Technology

NO MONKEY Offers the Intel and Training You Need to Protect Your Crown Jewels


Get the intel you need to unify your defenses and make smart, risk-based decisions to protect your business-critical SAP landscape.


Strengthen your security posture with online training that builds the SAP security expertise of your SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit  teams.

“We decided to conduct the Security Aptitude Assessment because we wanted to get transparency on our organization’s skills, knowledge, and responsibilities — especially among the different departments IT operations, security, and compliance. Carrying out this approach was very professional and helped us realize where we can improve our SAP Security area.”

Markus Weissensel, Chief Information Security Officer & Manager of Group IT at Fuchs Petrolub SE

Are you following these 7 best practices to secure your business-critical operations and sensitive data?

  • Take a proactive approach to security, creating an end-to-end map of your SAP attack surface to minimize its associated risk.

  • Have a dedicated SAP security strategy that aligns with overall organizational security and business objectives.

  • Align resources based on a balanced and comprehensive security framework which makes SAP security visible and measurable.

  • Ensure continuous optimization of processes, controls, protocols, and technology for SAP security.

  • Support the C-suite’s ability to make well-informed security decisions by supplying the right data and intel.

  • Prioritize your security posture and targeted training to build SAP security expertise among internal SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit defenses.

  • Work to improve security culture, break down organizational silos, and form a unified line of defense.

Ready to level up your SAP security?
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NO MONKEY Empowers Teams To:

Turn Your Organization’s SAP Security Defenses into a Unified Army of Cyberdefenders 

SAP landscapes (applications, operating systems, and databases) are highly complex and contain some of your most sensitive data. They require special knowledge and skills to protect.

Securing yours end-to-end requires the silo-free collaboration of 3 lines of defense, all unified around a dedicated SAP security strategy designed to reduce risk.

On top of that, SAP security requires human input. If your lines of defense don’t have the internal expertise to work together to take action, any optimization of processes, controls, and technology are just a ‘quick-fix’ for a symptom of the problem. To create a proactive SAP security culture that gets to the root of the problem, your people need to be up-skilled.

As experts in SAP security who have worked with clients around the world, we understand the challenges you’re facing.

Unify Your SAP Security Defenses

  1. SAP Operations
  2. IT Security
  3. Audit

What Happens When Your SAP Security Defenses Exist in Silos?

When key stakeholders are not communicating, cyber risk drastically increases for business-critical SAP landscapes.

Siloed defenses cripple an organization’s internal ability to detect and respond. Teams focus all their energy on securing the front door and unknowingly leave the back door wide open to all kinds of threats and attacks.

NO MONKEY Live Online Training

Corporate SAP Security Training

Ready to improve your team’s SAP Security Posture? The quickest way for your people to attain the competencies needed to protect your SAP landscape is with our immersive, SAP security training bootcamp.

With a “learn-apply” approach, our Live Online Training offers interactive role-play, simulations, and assignments, together with a practice lab environment. Teaching from virtual classrooms, our expert trainers facilitate real-time discussions with and between learners.

The result? Participants gain a deeper understanding of SAP security – and can start practically applying it much sooner. Protecting SAP technology just got a whole lot easier!

  • Minimum 7 participants

  • You choose the start date

  • Taught live by our SAP security experts

  • Hard-to-find SAP security training topics

  • Convenient online classrooms


Make Smart, Risk-based Decisions to Protect Your Business-Critical SAP Landscape

Your SAP landscape holds your most critical processes, and sensitive business data. Security vulnerabilities introduce immense risk to your customers and your bottom line.

You’re tasked with ensuring the continuity of business-critical operations while simultaneously protecting the digital assets of your organization and its customers. If you don’t have a clear understanding of your business risk and where your vulnerabilities lie, how can you make informed decisions about which protections and strategies you should put into place?

  • What is the best way to quantify your risk?

  • Where should you focus your strongest protections?

  • What is the best way to align SAP security with your organizational security strategy?

  • How can you unify your SAP security defenses and create a proactive SAP security culture?

  • Where should you prioritize SAP security training?

We can help you answer these questions and more. NO MONKEY ADVISORY gives you the intel you need to make smart, risk-based decisions to protect business critical SAP systems, operations, applications and digital assets. We tailor our services around your security objectives.

Improved SAP Security: What’s the Big Picture for the C-Suite?

As the CISO, you’re in the unique position to foster a security culture within your organization.

By empowering stakeholders with the important skills and resources, you can form a unified line of defense against cyberattacks. It’s up to you to take the reins and guide your organization’s SAP practices towards a continuously improving security posture.

  • Reduce the security risk in your SAP practice

  • Make your SAP business backbone more resilient

  • Get proof, data and intel to advocate for “crown jewel” protection to organizational leadership

  • Detect threats to your core business systems — and respond to them — earlier

  • Break down silos and improve collaboration among teams

  • Make “security-by-design” for SAP technology a standard within your organization

  • Close vulnerabilities by upgrading your DevOps to DevSecOps

  • Achieve optimized governance and compliance for SAP security implementation

SAP Security Training Benefits

You have a bigger dream for the future of your organization’s security. We can help you make it a reality.

Live Online Open Training Sessions

NO MONKEY ACADEMY Open Training Sessions offer a rotating schedule of the hottest role-based SAP security topics for SAP Operations, IT Security and Audit teams. They are great fit for smaller teams or individuals who want to learn with peers from other organizations.

Please note: Each open session is available based on capacity, and the maximum participants per session is limited to 14.

Browse through the NO MONKEY Open Training Sessions below and save your seat.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Time flew by in this relaxed learning atmosphere; I would have wanted to have more.”

Phillip Stark, Team Lead, Penetration Testing, Atos

“SAP Security can be a minefield for the reactive organization. To reduce risk and safeguard our crown jewels, we have to think ‘end-to-end’ and be prepared to step outside the lines of boxed-in thinking. We practice a continuous, proactive approach to securing SAP applications based on processes, technology and people.”

Dipl.-Inf. José Márquez, Chief Information Security Officer, Altán Networks

“Safety is too serious for a subject to study without humor. Thank you for the entertaining training in NO MONKEY style!”

Kai Combüchen, Software Architect, ÖVBS


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