Welcome to NO MONKEY

We train individuals, departments, and organizations to understand SAP from a dedicated security perspective

Out there, you can find countless SAP experts and just as many Security experts. But be honest, how many SAP Security Experts do you know? You probably answered 'few, if any', right? Currently, there is not a single company, department, or technology in the world that can secure your SAP ecosystem end-to-end. We want to change that!

Here's the problem, SAP software contains its own technology and methodology. Securing it leads to enormous complexities, which require key departments to have a combination of security and SAP know-how. Most organizations running SAP applications are either completely unaware of their security risk or are entirely stumped on how to unify knowledge and collaboration between departments to address it. With the NO MONKEY SAP Security Academy and Advisory Services, it's about to become a lot easier and more accessible to develop strategies that align with your organization's risk tolerance while training employees on the essential skills necessary to keep your SAP ecosystem safe.

We are NO MONKEY, an organization dedicated to empowering you and your teams with the knowledge to properly mitigate your SAP security risk. We believe proper security execution requires a dedicated SAP security perspective, and the implementation of a security culture where the expertise of your people, not technology, make the most significant difference.

Think Your SAP Ecosystem is Safe?
       We Don’t, Let Us Show You Why

I bet you’re asking yourself...’Why the name NO MONKEY?’ Well, there is a reason we choose that name. It has to do with your three lines of defense. We’ll explain more about that as we move along. First, watch what happens when ‘hope’ becomes part of your SAP security strategy and find out where the biggest threat to your SAP ecosystem is coming from.