Your organization is unique. So is your SAP landscape — and the challenges that landscape entails.

In situations like these, you need a partner who will do a deep dive into your business and security objectives, and then create a plan specifically designed to help you achieve them.

NO MONKEY is that partner. We provide three unique service offerings that address particular sets of challenges, adapted to your individual needs.

Tailored Services

Tailored Services

A comprehensive portfolio of individual services designed to ensure the security of your business-critical SAP Systems.

Retainer Services

Retainer Services

Put NO MONKEY’s SAP security expertise on speed-dial when you lock in our services with a retainer agreement.

Transformation Services

Transformation Services

Ensure your SAP cloud migration is a success by enlisting NO MONKEY’s services from day one of your project.

Tailored Services from NO MONKEY Ensure Your SAP Systems Are Secured

If you’ve struggled to find an SAP security solution that matches your organization’s needs, it could be that you’re encountering “one-size-fits-all” approaches that attempt to reverse-engineer your challenges into a preexisting solution.

What you need is a customized solution that solves your problems with no gaps. That’s where NO MONKEY’s tailored services come in. And we do it by digging in deep.

How We Tailor SAP Security to Your Organization

We begin by doing our homework. Our discovery process goes in-depth to understand how your organization functions, what’s working well, as well as where your challenges lie. To create a tailored SAP security solution, we need to know who your organization is and what goals you’re trying to achieve.

Once we’ve built that deep knowledge, we’ll create a specific SAP security plan that not only fortifies your internal lines of defense but helps them work better together.

We’ll also guide your team on how to identify vulnerabilities, address problems, and keep up with best practices. And all this is done in a way that ensures your SAP security aligns to help further your business objectives.

You’re a good fit for our tailored services if:

  • You’re the CISO or CIO of your organization
  • You’re a manager making decisions with a significant impact on the security of SAP systems
  • Your organization is focused on improving SAP security, but doesn’t know where to start

  • Your organization wants to develop deeper knowledge of the security of their SAP landscape

Make Cloud Migration a Breeze with
NO MONKEY’s Transformation Services

Migrating your systems to the cloud from on-premises is no longer just a “good idea.” Today, these transformation projects are considered essential for any organization to stay current and competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Unfortunately, security concerns are all too often left unaddressed until the transformation is well underway. Because of this oversight, many organizations either leave themselves vulnerable or run into significant (and very costly) problems later in the process.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

SAP Security at Every Stage of Your Transformation

You can save time, money, and a whole lot of headaches by partnering with NO MONKEY at the beginning of your digital transformation. We’ll help you create and execute a plan that ensures SAP security is baked into your project, protecting your organization while helping you achieve your migration goals.

But what if your transformation project is already underway? No problem: We can help you achieve your objectives at any stage of the journey. Whether you’re facing a lack of security resources at the start of the project, or addressing security issues uncovered partway through the transformation, NO MONKEY helps you ensure your SAP is aligned with your security objectives.

Don’t put your organization at risk. Let NO MONKEY help you complete your transformation project without compromising your security.

You’re a good fit for our transformation services if:

  • Your organization is undergoing an SAP S/4HANA® migration
  • Your organization is preparing for or engaged in any digital transformation project that requires the integration of SAP systems with other applications

  • You’re responsible for determining the roles of security in digital transformation projects

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