End-to-End SAP Security Expertise to Help You Protect Your Business-Critical SAP Environment

You’re tasked with ensuring the continuity of business-critical operations while simultaneously protecting the digital assets of your organization and its customers.

But maybe you’re also concerned by the lack of visibility into your company’s SAP landscape. If you don’t have a clear understanding of your business risk and where your vulnerabilities lie, how can you make informed decisions about which protections and strategies you should put into place?

NO MONKEY ADVISORY gives you the intel you need to make well-informed, risk-based decisions to protect business-critical SAP systems, applications and digital assets.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  • Do you need to identify the gaps between your people, processes, and technology before adversaries exploit them?

  • Would you like to break down your security silos to create a resilient front line of SAP cyberdefenders?

  • Are your current SAP security posture and risk appetite still undefined?
  • Do you need a better understanding of your SAP attack surface to determine where it’s most at risk?
  • Would you like to put stronger governance and compliance measures in place for your current SAP landscape?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, we can help.

NO MONKEY ADVISORY Services: Enhancing Your SAP Security

NO MONKEY ADVISORY is an independent voice for SAP security and our clients. We offer expert, unbiased advice to help your organization become more cyber-resilient by maturing your security systems.

Here’s what we offer.

SAP Security Services

Security Assessment and Testing
Discover the threats to your SAP landscape and identify the best ways to address your vulnerabilities.

Security Compliance and Risk
Get an end-to-end view of the current state of your SAP security to ensure you meet regulatory standards.

Security Operations
Enhance your detection and monitoring capabilities for security incidents and alerts in your SAP environment.

Software Supply Chain Security
Redesign your supply chain processes to ensure you’re protected from security risks posed by third-party vendors.

Tailored Advisory

Tailored Advisory Services

Tailored Services
A comprehensive portfolio of individual services designed to ensure the security of your business-critical SAP Systems.

Retainer Services
Put NO MONKEY’s SAP security expertise on speed-dial when you lock in our services with a retainer agreement.

Transformation Services
Ensure your SAP cloud migration is a success by enlisting NO MONKEY’s services from day one of your project.

What You’ll Get From

NO MONKEY ADVISORY provides you expert support and guidance to ensure your business-critical SAP systems are protected. Here’s what you’ll gain by working with us:

Before you can improve cybersecurity for your people, processes, and technology, you first need visibility into your overall security posture. Even if you’re not familiar with the world of SAP — the language, protocols, components, and architecture that make this environment unique — we’ll provide you with clarity, understanding, and our expert recommendations.

NO MONKEY ADVISORY takes both a qualitative and quantitative approach to identifying risk by using hard data to pinpoint your SAP landscape’s vulnerabilities. We then help you prioritize those attack vectors where unauthorized users are most likely to strike so you can build up your cyberdefenses.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Our SAP security gap analysis pinpoints weaknesses in your controls, processes, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your employees. We’ll also provide you with vendor-neutral recommendations on the best ways to enable your cyber-defenders to improve your SAP security posture.

How does NO MONKEY ADVISORY help you strengthen your people, processes and technology? We begin by providing a tailored, end-to-end SAP security road map aligned to your security and compliance objectives.

To get buy-in from your C-levels and department heads, you need to create a compelling argument for an SAP security strategy. We provide you with quantitative data about your SAP landscape to drive informed decisions.

NO MONKEY ADVISORY helps you break down departmental silos and eliminate blind spots by bringing together your SAP lines of defense. We can help you reduce enterprise risk by improving cross-functional collaboration.

With our Advisory services, you’ll improve your mean-time-to-detect and mean-time-to-respond to SAP security threats. And by implementing effective SAP security incident management in your SIEM process, your organization will recover more quickly after attacks, or be ready to withstand them entirely.

Learn how General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) impact your SAP landscape, and how you can keep your business compliant.

What It’s Like to Work with NO MONKEY

In the world of SAP security, NO MONKEY is unique. We’re fiercely independent, untethered to any one vendor, product, or service. This gives us the freedom to provide you with support and advice that’s solely aligned with your interests.

Our end-to-end expertise in both SAP security and cybersecurity allows us to see a holistic view of your landscape. This big picture perspective means we can quickly identify the threats and vulnerabilities that are putting your organization at risk.

From there, we’ll help you tackle what’s at greatest risk while providing a tailored security road map designed around your people, processes, and technology.

The SAP Security Tools and Support You Need to Protect Your Organization

We’re not just here to give advice. We also want to give your security team visibility into your SAP systems — and the training they need to secure them.

  • As a part of our road map, we’ll help you bring together your lines of SAP cyber defense to improve cross-functional collaboration and reduce your security blind spots.

  • We’ll also help bring your C-suite on board by providing them with the precise data they need to measure, communicate, and make smart decisions about protecting digital assets. You and your leaders will receive concrete recommendations you can implement today to improve your cybersecurity.

A People-First Approach to SAP Cybersecurity

There are many firms offering SAP advisory services, and some of them are great at what they do. But even the best ones share a bad habit: They put all their focus on controls, processes, and technology, and ignore the most important piece of the SAP protection puzzle.

We’re talking, of course, about people. Your people are your first line of defense against SAP threats, and as such they can either be your greatest strength or the source of your vulnerability. It’s your people who perform processes, your people who communicate about SAP threats, and your people who carry out actions and work with technology.

NO MONKEY ADVISORY takes a people-first approach to SAP cybersecurity because we want your employees to be your front line of defense. As valuable as third-party administrators can be, they’re nothing compared to a well-trained and knowledgeable team with the right processes and controls in place.

When your team has the right core competencies, knows how to collaborate, and understands how to optimize technology for cybersecurity, they become an army of cyber-defenders protecting your organization.

Your people are your greatest asset in protecting your SAP landscape. That’s why they’re central to NO MONKEY’s ADVISORY services.

People - Processes - Technology

Work With an Independent SAP Security Partner Who Is Focused on Improving Your People Too

Ready to get started? NO MONKEY is the partner you need. We’ll help you close your gaps, align your defenses, and protect your business operations by enhancing your SAP security.

SAP Security Services

Our SAP security services identify your vulnerabilities, ensure you meet regulatory standards, protect you from supply chain threats, and train your team on protecting your SAP landscape.

Tailored Advisory Services

When you need next-level support customized to the unique challenges your business is facing, choose from our tailored advisory services to get the SAP security you need, right when you need it.