NO MONKEY ACADEMY offers several ways for your operations team to learn how to secure your SAP environment. Here’s how we teach your team to keep your organization safe from SAP threats and cyberattacks.

SAP Operations Cybersecurity Training


eLearning & Subscriptions

Use the power of eLearning to master SAP security skills. Perfect for individual learners or corporate teams.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Exclusive SAP Security Training for Your Organization. A perfect fit for teams of 7 and up!

Tailored Training

Tailored Training

Don’t see the classes you need? Tell us your learning objectives and we’ll tailor a training just for your team.

Open Training Sessions

A great choice for smaller teams and individuals. These sessions are live, online & interactive.

SAP Security Trainings to Unify Your Three Lines of Defense

How does the NO MONKEY ACADEMY help safeguard your SAP landscape? We do it by upskilling your three lines of defense:

  1. SAP Operations
  2. IT Security
  3. Audit
3 Lines of SAP Defenses

When all three lines are working together to stop SAP cyberattacks, your crown jewels stay protected. Read on to learn more about our trainings for SAP Operations.

Upskill Your SAP Operations Team and Defeat the “No Speak Monkey”

Who is the “No Speak Monkey?” He’s the little agent of chaos that prevents your SAP Operations team from identifying and communicating all relevant information including threats, weaknesses, or incidents within your department to your IT Security and Auditing teams.

When the No Speak Monkey is running amok, he keeps your ops team quietly alone in their silo — compromising your SAP security as a result.

Why SAP Operations is Struggling

IT security and audit lines of defense rely on guidance you provide to make important strategic security-related decisions. As experts in SAP operations and masters of SAP’s ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) language, your SAP operations team all speak a common jargon when it comes to doing their jobs.

The problems arise when it comes to offering meaningful, actionable input to the IT and Audit lines of defense to help them make well-informed security decisions.

Your ops team struggles to connect with your other lines of defense because they need a deeper understanding of SAP technology and their processes from a security and attacker’s perspective. Without creating a common sense on threats and risk, they can’t work with your other two lines of defense to protect your business holistically.

Complicating matters further is the fact that when your ops team does try to communicate proactively, they may be using a lot of SAP jargon. Terms familiar to SAP Operations may be unfamiliar or mean something completely different to other departments. This only leads to further confusion — and a bigger risk to security.

No Speak Monkey


NO MONKEY ACADEMY helps your SAP Operations team become a frontrunner in implementing your security strategy to create an empowering security culture.

With eLearning and Live Online Training, your team can acquire the skills they need to identify, communicate and resolve potential threats within your SAP environment. On top of that, these courses teach employees to contextualize SAP jargon into terms usable by IT Security and Auditing teams. This gives everyone a defined common language, breaking down communication silos, eliminating gaps, and empowering smart security decisions.

When everyone speaks the same language, you defeat the troublesome monkeys and secure the assets in your SAP systems.

Unify Your SAP Defenses with NO MONKEY’s Role-Based SAP Cybersecurity Training

Every organization is unique. That’s why NO MONKEY ACADEMY offers multiple options for role-based SAP security training. Learn more about the trainings below to find the one that works best for your team.



Our eLearning options empower your IT security team to learn at their own pace with on-demand courses available 24/7. These classes are designed to provide training that builds upon their existing knowledge to help upskill them quickly.

We are constantly expanding our course catalog to ensure your team has access to the most up-to-date information that best meets their needs.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Our Live Online Trainings are like an SAP security boot camp exclusively for your IT security team. These trainings combine learning and exercises to create a deeply immersive experience that makes a big impact.

Employers can select the training that best meets the needs of their learners and book a session exclusively for their team. During this training we’ll teach your people to put theory into practice through our unique hands-on virtual labs.

High-Impact Training Designed for Your Needs

High-Impact Trainings Tailored to Your Needs

For a learning experience designed around the needs of your team, we offer unique Tailored Training Sessions. Simply tell us your security objectives, needs, and requirements and we’ll create an engaging course designed to upskill your team’s ability to protect your SAP landscape.

We work closely with you to define the scope of these trainings and deliver specific recommendations based on your needs. It’s a great way to ensure the best learning approach for your team.

Open Training Sessions

Open Training Sessions

Eager to get your team trained? There’s no need to wait — Open Training Sessions are live, online and make a big impact now. They improve your security posture and breakdown the silos that exist between teams.

A great option for smaller teams and individuals who want to learn together with other organizations and other lines of defense. Sign up a month in advance or join last-minute. Save yourself a seat or a couple more for your team.

Open Training Sessions are regularly scheduled with rotating security topics. Improving your teams maturity just got a whole lot easier!

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