Your SAP landscape is unlike any other digital ecosystem within your organization. It’s not just extremely complex — it is also a business-critical environment.

Regardless of the protection technologies you have in place, if you don’t have the right skills to defend your SAP landscape, you’re a sitting duck for cyberattacks. Unfortunately, most security departments know very little about SAP software. That’s because very few individuals in the world are qualified to secure this unique German technology. It requires special know-how and skills to protect, and it can’t be protected alone.

To secure your SAP environment requires the collaboration of three lines of defense: SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit. Given that SAP Operations tends to be siloed off from your other departments, this poses a challenge for IT Security, which lacks visibility into the SAP landscape. You need a way to empower your IT Security team, grant them that visibility, and enable them to secure your business-critical technology.

NO MONKEY ACADEMY has the solution. We offer several ways for your IT Security team to learn how to manage risk and secure your SAP landscape while breaking down silos between key stakeholders.

Corporate Online SAP Cybersecurity Training for IT Security Experts


eLearning & Subscriptions

Use the power of eLearning to master SAP security skills. Perfect for individual learners or corporate teams.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Exclusive SAP Security Training for Your Organization. A perfect fit for teams of 7 and up!

Tailored Training

Tailored Training

Don’t see the classes you need? Tell us your learning objectives and we’ll tailor a training just for your team.

Open Training Sessions

A great choice for smaller teams and individuals. These sessions are live, online & interactive.

Protecting Your SAP Landscape Requires the Silo-free Collaboration of 3 Lines of Defense

SAP landscapes (SAP applications, the operating systems, and databases) are highly complex. To secure yours from end-to-end requires the silo-free collaboration of 3 lines of defense:

  1. SAP Operations
  2. IT Security
  3. Audit
3 Lines of SAP Defenses

The problem is that each department has a drastically different perspective and role regarding security. The software itself is unique and requires a rare set of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to secure. On top of that, SAP is riddled with jargon. To communicate threats and risk, EVERYBODY needs to be up to date on the intricacies of SAP Security AND speak a common language.

NO MONKEY ACADEMY transforms your defenses into an internal army of highly skilled cyber-defenders. We’ll teach your people how to work together to safeguard your SAP landscape and protect your critical functions.

How the “No See Monkey” Creates Serious Visibility Gaps for IT Security

Who is the “No See Monkey?” He’s the one blocking the view, preventing your IT Security team from having visibility into your SAP landscape.

Most of the application security tooling and procedures your team regularly uses for other systems simply don’t apply in an SAP environment or need to be tweaked. Without the right approach and ability to know where to look and what to look for, can leave even the seasoned security experts unprepared to tackle the challenges presented by an SAP environment.

Why IT Security is Struggling

For security experts, SAP technology can exist on its own separate island — disconnected and out of sight from the security operations center. But your IT Security team can’t fix what they can’t see, and the experience they bring to your other networks and systems simply doesn’t apply to the unique security challenges of SAP.

As a result, the common practices, tools, assumptions, application security procedures, or even the technical language your IT Security team uses to communicate threats and risk to other departments don’t work within SAP systems. These blind spots, knowledge gaps, and silos only become apparent when your IT Security team tries to include the SAP landscape within your organization’s security strategy. Without the required knowledge of SAP security, it’s impossible to successfully implement security measures to protect your SAP environment based on your security strategy.

Most organizations do not have the internal competencies to secure this software. Those that do know that the SAP security skills alone won’t cut it. Protecting your landscape and managing security risk takes the silo-free collaboration of SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit departments.

With so many challenges facing your IT Security team, where do you even begin? The best way to start is by helping your IT Security team see what they’ve been missing. By training them on the security traits of SAP systems specifically — providing deep knowledge on the unique security challenges and risks — you can give them the tools necessary to break out of their silos and work with your other departments as a unified cyber-defense.

No Speak Monkey

NO MONKEY ACADEMY Transforms Your IT Security Experts into a Unified Army of SAP Cyber-defenders

NO MONKEY ACADEMY trains your IT Security team on security topics for SAP environments to give them the insight, understanding, and tools they need to defend your SAP landscape. We help them gain visibility into your systems and defend them alongside your SAP Operations and Audit departments.

Most importantly, our trainings are designed to bring all your lines of defense into alignment. With IT Security, SAP Operations, and Audit working and learning together, the crown jewels of your organization are protected against cyber threats.

4 Training Options to Improve SAP Security Skills Now

NO MONKEY offers multiple ways to improve your SAP security maturity by mastering the skills to protect your landscape end-to-end. These trainings are designed to include your multiple lines of defense so that your teams can learn SAP security topics together. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the ability of IT security experts to protect the landscape but breaks down the silos across your departments.



Our eLearning options empower your IT security team to learn at their own pace with on-demand courses available 24/7. These classes are designed to provide training that builds upon their existing knowledge to help upskill them quickly.

We are constantly expanding our course catalog to ensure your team has access to the most up-to-date information that best meets their needs.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Our Live Online Trainings are like an SAP security boot camp exclusively for your IT security team. These trainings combine learning and exercises to create a deeply immersive experience that makes a big impact.

Employers can select the training that best meets the needs of their learners and book a session exclusively for their team. During this training we’ll teach your people to put theory into practice through our unique hands-on virtual labs.

High-Impact Training Designed for Your Needs

High-Impact Trainings Tailored to Your Needs

For a learning experience designed around the needs of your team, we offer unique Tailored Training Sessions. Simply tell us your security objectives, needs, and requirements and we’ll create an engaging course designed to upskill your team’s ability to protect your SAP landscape.

We work closely with you to define the scope of these trainings and deliver specific recommendations based on your needs. It’s a great way to ensure the best learning approach for your team.

Open Training Sessions

Open Training Sessions

Eager to get your team trained? There’s no need to wait — Open Training Sessions are live, online and make a big impact now. They improve your security posture and breakdown the silos that exist between teams.

A great option for smaller teams and individuals who want to learn together with other organizations and other lines of defense. Sign up a month in advance or join last-minute. Save yourself a seat or a couple more for your team.

Open Training Sessions are regularly scheduled with rotating security topics. Improving your teams maturity just got a whole lot easier!

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