NO MONKEY believes your SAP security strategy should be tailored to the needs of your organization.

That’s why we work closely and collaboratively with you: To dig deep and understand who you are, identify your unique SAP security challenges, and provide the services that will keep you protected. This approach allows us to identify and fix the security risks coming from your SAP environment.

To help you get started, we have identified four key pillars of SAP security. Each of these pillars plays an important role in your overall strategy, and in keeping your organization safe from SAP threats and cyberattacks.

Pillar 1: Security Assessment and Testing

Discovering the threats to your SAP landscape is the best way to address vulnerabilities and keep out unwanted visitors. Because if you don’t know what those threats are, you can’t take steps to address them.

Our SAP security assessment and testing services are designed to help you understand your current maturity — and identify where your gaps lie.

Some of those gaps may be in your technology, but we’ll also identify the communication and responsibility gaps between people and departments that may leave you open to an attack.

By applying the NO MONKEY Security Matrix, we can identify skill and knowledge gaps among your team, helping bolster your human defenses. We’ll also analyze your processes through high-level threat modeling and tabletop exercises to see how different departments react or respond in order to resolve issues or neutralize a threat.

Finally, when it comes to determining threats and vulnerabilities to the technology, we perform various assessments and testing, such as penetration testing or vulnerability assessment, to further uncover potential weaknesses an attacker might try to exploit.

Through this process of assessment, testing, and verification, we can verify if an identified vulnerability has any affect on the organization — and then take steps to do better.

Pillar 2: Security Compliance and Risk

Almost any organization that works with sensitive data is subject to governance, compliance, and risk regulations. Some industries, such as healthcare, have even greater regulatory requirements.

To ensure you’re compliant, we use the NO MONKEY Security Matrix  to map out your compliance requirements and get an end-to-end view of the current state of your SAP security. This grants you deep insight into your organization to identify gaps in your compliance adherence, as well as possible risks in your SAP security.

These services can be especially useful for major undertakings like digital transformation, audit and compliance preparation, and cloud migration. In cases like these, not only do you need a technical assessment, you also need to make sure the project is done in accordance with regulatory standards  and the organization’s security goals, requirements, and strategy. NO MONKEY can help you with both.

Pillar 3: Security Operations

When it comes to cybersecurity, your security operations team should be one of your strongest lines of defense. In practice, however, the security of your SAP systems often slips through the cracks.

That’s why NO MONKEY offers advisory services to teach your security operations center the most important components of SAP defense. These lessons are tailored to fit your unique organization, beginning with a discovery session and advancing to simulated attacks.

Our SOC enablement service is designed to enhance your detection and monitoring capabilities for security incidents in your SAP environment by using simulated attacks to identify potential weaknesses.

Then, as we identify the needs of your team, we help integrate SAP processes into your security event and incident management solution — so it becomes a natural part of the team’s core daily work. By helping your team clear out the noise in your network and SAP landscape, we enable them to quickly detect and respond to incidents as they arise.

Pillar 4: Software Supply Chain Security

Any time you purchase software from a third party, there’s a potential security risk — whether from simple sloppiness or deliberately inserted malware.

In either case, your SAP security depends on having a supply chain process that includes code checks to determine if new applications fit security standards.

NO MONKEY works closely with you to build out these processes and improve your security.

That includes threat modeling, in which we identify the types of threats new applications might present, as well as supply chain tests to examine the foundation of these applications. Because if the rest of your defenses are working well, the last thing you want to do is introduce an SAP threat from outside of your organization.

Fortify Your SAP Security Defense