To protect their organizations, C-suite executives must champion a knowledge-fueled approach to SAP cybersecurity.

Even seasoned Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) may find themselves out of their depth when it comes to securing an SAP landscape. That’s a big problem, since SAP is comprised of business-critical systems representing the digital backbone of your core business functions, including HR, production planning, finance, accounting, and supply chain management. These systems contain a wealth of sensitive digital assets, and if your SAP cyberdefenses don’t measure up, your business is at serious risk.

As the CISO, you’re in the unique position to foster a security culture within your organization. By empowering stakeholders with the important skills and resources, you can form a unified line of defense against cyberattackers. It’s up to you to take the reins and guide your SAP practices towards a continuously improving security posture.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. Your employees are your most valuable asset in the fight to secure your SAP landscape — as long as they get the right training.

C-suite Leadership for SAP Security Has Multiple Benefits

  • Reduce your SAP cybersecurity risk

  • Improve your security posture

  • Advocate for “crown jewel” protection to organizational leadership

  • Increase the speed of threat detection and response

  • Break down the silos and improve collaboration among teams

  • Implement “security by design” for SAP technology within your organization

  • Close vulnerability gaps by upgrading your devOps to include security

SAP Security Training Benefits

It’s Time to Set a Bold Vision for Your SAP Cybersecurity

What makes an SAP security strategy successful?

It begins with highly-trained employees who communicate, cooperate, and refuse to do their work in a silo. When employees understand SAP security as a shared responsibility, and are guided by a CISO with a clear strategic vision, they will build a unified line of defense against SAP cyberattacks.

If you want to turn your workforce into your biggest security asset, NO MONKEY can help. We offer advanced training to transform the way your SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit teams work together. You won’t find trainings like these anywhere else — only NO MONKEY has the curriculum to teach your teams how to protect your SAP landscape through continuous and proactive defense.

Empower Your Employees to Protect Your Business-Critical SAP Landscape

Turn Your Organization’s SAP Security Defenses into a Unified Army of Cyberdefenders

SAP landscapes (SAP applications, the operating systems, and databases) are highly complex and require special knowledge and skills to protect. To secure yours end-to-end requires the silo-free collaboration of 3 lines of defense unified around an SAP security strategy that aligns with organizational cybersecurity objectives:

3 Lines of Defense

The only trouble is that each of these three departments has a drastically different perspective and role when it comes to SAP cybersecurity. The software itself is unique and requires a rare set of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to secure. To communicate threats and risk, EVERYBODY needs to be up to speed.

For that to happen, you need to bring these teams together and set the vision for SAP cybersecurity. When your three lines of defense are aligned, they will work together as a powerful internal army of cyberdefenders to protect your SAP landscape.

4 Ways to Prioritize ‘Crown-Jewel’ Security Training for Your SAP Security Defenses

As CISO, it’s up to you to unite your three lines of defense to protect your SAP landscape. That begins by having conversations with your heads of IT Security, SAP Operations, and Audit to lay out your vision for training and breaking down departmental silos.

To help you upskill your people across every line of defense, we offer four unique kinds of trainings. Each approach offers its own benefits based on your organization’s needs. Read on to learn more about each.


eLearning & Subscriptions

Use the power of eLearning to master SAP security skills. Perfect for individual learners or corporate teams.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Exclusive SAP Security Training for Your Organization. A perfect fit for teams of 7 and up!

Tailored Training

Tailored Training

Don’t see the classes you need? Tell us your learning objectives and we’ll tailor a training just for your team.

Open Training Sessions

A great choice for smaller teams and individuals. These sessions are live, online & interactive.

Why SAP Security Is Uniquely Complex

If your SAP systems are vulnerable, it would be nice if you could get all your teams together in one room and tell them to work things out among themselves. Unfortunately, that typically isn’t a feasible solution. SAP is a uniquely complex system unlike any other forms of IT infrastructure that presents some key challenges:

First, the S/4HANA Security Guide has grown to almost a 1000-page long document, quite lengthy when compared to a SUSE Linux hardening guide consisting of only about 80 pages, or the Windows 10 GP OS Administrative Guide with 120 pages.

Additionally, the code itself is much more extensive than most operating systems. Where a typical OS might contain between 45 and 86 million lines of code, an SAP ERP system contains upwards of 238 million lines. That sizable difference lends significant complexity to SAP systems.

Most of the application security tooling and procedures your team regularly uses for other systems either don’t apply in an SAP environment or will need to be adjusted. As a result, even experienced cybersecurity professionals may find themselves unprepared to tackle the challenges presented by SAP systems. Most SAP operations teams traditionally don’t have roles to cover security strategy and operations, and attackers are not as limited by skills and knowledge as the defenders.

Meet the Three Monkeys Wreaking Havoc on Your SAP Security Landscape

Your organization depends on your leadership and expertise to safely lead the way through major projects like digital transformation.

You want to ensure the protection of the crown jewels of your organization against any potential digital threat.

Yet when it comes to SAP cybersecurity, you’ve realized that something’s not right. The procedures and protocols that worked for other projects don’t apply to the SAP landscape. SAP has its own language, terminology and is more complex than other IT infrastructure. Even worse, the more you drill down into the problem the bigger it seems. It almost feels as if something inside your organization is actively working against you.

And in fact, you’re right. There is something working against your security goals.

Let’s meet the monkeys mucking things up.

The “No Speak” Monkey of Bad Communication

The first monkey, “No Speak,” is a problem of communication. While your SAP Operations team may be great at running the application, they are not security experts. They need special skills to locate potential threats.

Unfortunately, SAP technology and its coding language are completely unique. That means when your SAP Operations team tries to communicate with your other departments, those departments are overwhelmed and confused by SAP jargon.

Since your IT Security and Audit departments rely on Operations for insight, this communication breakdown poses real problems for your organization. If the SAP village does not know how to locate threats and can’t report them in a way that other departments can take action on, your first line of security defense is wide open to attacks.

The “No See” Monkey of Poor Visibility

The second monkey, “No See,” is the result of a lack of visibility. Even for experienced security experts, SAP technology can be an island unto itself, disconnected from anything they know or understand.

This disconnection means that most security professionals don’t have the skills necessary to secure SAP software, and that the skills they do have simply don’t apply to SAP systems.

For IT Security to properly protect your organization, you need to equip them with a solid understanding of the coding language, system requirements, and SAP jargon — and that’s really just the beginning.

The “No Hear” Monkey of Misunderstanding

The third and final monkey, “No Hear,” impacts your Audit department. Auditors play an integral role in assessing and identifying opportunities to strengthen enterprise security.

While your auditing experts may be great at what they do, if they don’t understand SAP systems and technology they will miss the real dangers that face your organization. That means they can’t see the risks that should guide how they prioritize cybersecurity gaps and remediation.

When the No Hear Monkey is present, he prevents your Audit department from hearing about potential threats and using this information to prioritize security vulnerabilities. He reduces your ability to effectively assess risk management processes, and he controls and prevents your team from giving accurate mitigation advice.

Break Down the Silos and Banish the Monkeys with NO MONKEY ACADEMY

Because of these challenges, it’s easy for your security defenses to become far too siloed from each other. When that happens, the three monkeys of bad communication, poor visibility, and misunderstanding can run amok — leading to considerable risk.

To solve this problem, you must help these departments get the training they need to understand your SAP landscape from a security perspective, speak the same language, and increase interdepartmental collaboration.

NO MONKEY ACADEMY is specifically designed to help your teams work together toward the same goal: To safeguard your SAP landscape. Our approach to training is to teach your teams the specific security skills they need based on their work-role, how to better inter-communicate, collaborate, and stay aligned – breaking down your silos.

The best cyberdefense is upskilling your people.

Train Your Teams to Be Warriors on the Front Lines of SAP Cyberdefense

You can’t fight an enemy you don’t understand. SAP systems may be unique, but they can be understood and defended. NO MONKEY provides your teams with the training they need to stand on the front lines of your SAP landscape and ward off the threats that you’re facing.

Your organization is relying on you, and you rely on your teams. It’s time to banish the monkeys and work together to protect your crown jewels.

Help is Here For Your Team