Disrupting Old Patterns to Evolve SAP Security

When an SAP cyberattack occurs, you need a strategy in place, the right processes, your SAP team, your cybersecurity experts, and your auditing department to work together to stop the attack dead in its tracks.

But far too often that isn’t what happens.

Instead of a dedicated SAP cybersecurity strategy guiding your lines of defense, you have silos … and way too many “trouble monkeys.” (You can read more about them here.)

Trouble monkeys

Protect Your Business-Critical SAP Applications and Build a Cyber-Resilient Workforce

NO MONKEY exists to break down the silos that put your business at risk by balancing and developing your people, processes and technology. By starting with people as the foundation, we help you create a security culture aligned with your organization’s objectives.

Offering end-to-end SAP cybersecurity advisory services and the world’s first online SAP-only cybersecurity training platform, we created NO MONKEY to show organizational leaders and professionals how to holistically secure SAP systems.

The old way of doing things isn’t enough anymore.

It’s time to break free of old patterns and start treating SAP security skills as a must-have across your entire organization.

With an SAP security roadmap, education and training, your organization can come together as a unified, highly trained defense resilient against cyberattacks.

To help you get started, we’ve created two paths to better your SAP security:


Get the data you need to see your risk clearly and get visibility on your overall SAP landscape along with the associated security risks to your organization.


Take a knowledge-fueled approach to SAP cybersecurity. Online SAP security training designed to up-skill your internal defenses: SAP Operation, IT Security, Audit.

Meet Our Team

MARCO HAMMELManaging Partner & Co-founder
SIEER ANGARChief Financial Officer
MARTIN RUCKHead of Operations
WASEEM AJRABHead of Advisory Services
CARA CHRISTOPHDirector of Marketing

Our Team’s Core Values

Our values help shape our corporate culture and leave an indelible stamp on every project we work on, client we serve, and solution we create. The following nine core values are a living document that helps us hold ourselves accountable to the things we commit to with each other and with our customers. These values are the “special sauce” helping us exceed expectations in everything we do.

Create to empower people

Make complex topics easy to understand

Chase knowledge and share as much as you can

Seek diversity

Find creative solutions

Learn and grow – repeat, repeat, repeat

Choose ‘great’ not ‘good enough’

Be proactive

Laugh together

Are We the Right Fit for Each Other?

Our ideal customer has a bigger dream for the future of their organization’s security.

  • You want to know what cybersecurity thought-leaders do differently to protect business-critical systems.

  • You strive to lead your department and organization through digital transformation securely and deliver value in the process beyond just being compliant.

  • You aim to standardize and embed security activities within and across business operations, enabling the organization to confidently withstand or recover quickly from security issues.

  • You have grander plans of cultivating employees’ security skills into a powerful competitive advantage against cyber threats.

  • You don’t need to be convinced on the need for SAP security.

  • You need the expertise, resources and support to ensure your overall enterprise cyber security strategy is based on securing your crown jewels.

  • AND … you need the confidence that your lines of defense know exactly how to work together to defend and protect your organization’s business critical applications and assets.

If that’s you, let’s talk!

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