SAP Security Training for Business-Critical Landscapes

Cybersecurity can’t be left to processes and technology alone – it needs human input, too. When it comes to safeguarding your SAP landscape, one of the most valuable assets you possess is your employees.

The way we see it, organizations have two choices, rely on reactive strategies, outdated controls, protection-software technologies, and third-party vendors to safeguard their crown jewels, OR start cultivating the knowledge and expertise internally that close critical skill gaps, reduce enterprise risk, and improve your security posture.

NO MONKEY ACADEMY offers SAP Security training specific to the needs of different departments, teams, and job roles. Let us help you reduce knowledge gaps while unifying your SAP security lines of defense to become resilient against cyber threats and attacks.

Ready to Upskill Your SAP Security?

Choose the SAP Cybersecurity Trainings That Fit Your Needs


eLearning & Subscriptions

Use the power of eLearning to master SAP security skills. Perfect for individual learners or corporate teams.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Exclusive SAP Security Training for Your Organization. A perfect fit for teams of 7 and up!

Tailored Training

Tailored Training

Don’t see the classes you need? Tell us your learning objectives and we’ll tailor a training just for your team.

Open Training Sessions

A great choice for smaller teams and individuals. These sessions are live, online & interactive.

NO MONKEY Security Matrix

An Easier Way to Choose Training Based on Your Work-Role and Job-Function

The NO MONKEY Security Matrix gives your organization a comprehensive way to upskill employees and eliminate SAP security gaps.

In the Security Matrix, each training is organized around two categories:

  1. The operational area of SAP technology you work with
  2. The five core cybersecurity functions from the National Institute of Standards (NIST) and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)

This makes it easier for teams and individual learners to identify security training topics most relevant to their role, job-function, and responsibilities.

NO MONKEY Security Matrix

SAP Security Bootcamp for Your SAP Operations, IT Security
and Audit Lines of Defense

Need major results fast? The quickest way to attain the competencies to protect and defend your SAP landscape is in an immersive classroom experience.

With a “learn-apply” approach, our Live Online Training offers interactive role-play, simulations, and assignments, together with a practice lab environment. Teaching from virtual classrooms, our expert trainers facilitate real-time discussions with and between learners.

The result? Participants gain a deeper understanding of SAP security – and can start applying it much sooner. Protecting SAP technology just got a whole lot easier!

  • Minimum 7 participants

  • You choose the start date

  • Taught live by our SAP security experts

  • Hard-to-find SAP security training topics

  • Convenient online classrooms

What You’ll Get From NO MONKEY ACADEMY SAP Security Training

Become resilient, reduce enterprise risk, and improve your defensive posture by transforming employees into an army of heroic cyber defenders. Online classes eliminate critical skill gaps in your three lines of defense by teaching them how to work together to protect the ‘SAP-part’ of your company’s crown jewels.

The NO MONKEY curriculum is created and delivered by leading SAP cybersecurity experts. Years of deep, first-hand industry knowledge is meticulously translated into training courses designed from not only the defender and attackers’ point of view but also from the perspective of each line of defense.

Reduce cyber risk and reliance on third party vendors by building internal SAP security expertise, with hard-to-find SAP-specific security content that transforms the way employees safeguard business-critical applications. All courses, modules, and content are designed to up-skill your SAP Operations, IT Security and Audit lines of defense. Classes are adapted to individual employees’ roles, responsibilities and competency levels.

Learning formats are designed to meet the demands of busy professionals. Topics are broken down into bite sized units with predictable learning effort. Short, interactive, and gamified elements make learning easy to schedule, more engaging, directly applicable and easier to recall later.

Keep your SAP system safe while employees learn with our own unique SAP practice lab. Put theory to the test with immersive, gamified, real-world attack simulations as part of our Live Online Trainings.

We prioritize content according to our customers’ needs. In addition to our library of courses, we are in a continuous process of creating new content to help you up-skill your three lines of defense. If there is a topic you need that has not been created yet, we can prioritize it for you.

NO MONKEY Open Training Sessions

SAP Security Training for Smaller Teams and Individuals

Open Training Sessions offer a rotating schedule of the hottest SAP security topics for SAP Operations, IT Security and Audit teams and any other individuals who play a key role in protecting business-critical SAP landscapes.

Each session brings together peers from multiple organizations and departments to learn in a virtual classroom. The training sessions are designed to include not only the perspective of the attacker and defenders, but to address the multiple lines of defense and individual work-roles that must work together to form an empowered, silo-free defense against cyber threats.

  • Max of 14 participants

  • Ability to join months in advance or weeks before

  • Hard-to-find security training topics

  • Real-time interaction with live instructors

  • Scenario-based simulations with practice lab

  • Open Training Sessions are pre-scheduled which means you can plan in advance when and what security topics to focus on

How NO MONKEY ACADEMY Equips Your SAP Lines of Cyberdefense

NO MONKEY ACADEMY was built to help organizations holistically address SAP security training for their lines of cyber defense. To learn more, choose from an option below.

CISO Learning Strategy Overview

Organizations depend on the leadership and expertise of their Chief Information Security Officers. We help CISOs champion the SAP cybersecurity cause to bring together their teams and improve overall SAP security.

SAP Operations Training

SAP Operations are tasked with ensuring your SAP systems are working. But when it comes to security, they need training on how to build in security and communicate risk to your other lines of defense.

IT Security Training

When your IT Security team doesn’t have visibility into your SAP landscape, they can’t protect your systems. They need effective training on the unique protocols for SAP cybersecurity.

Audit Training

It takes a specialized skillset to audit an SAP environment. With NO MONKEY ACADEMY training, your Audit team will learn how to identify threats to your SAP landscape and systems.

Prioritizing the ‘People-Part’ of SAP Security Starts with NO MONKEY ACADEMY