A security-oriented audit professional who is well-versed in SAP technology can be an indispensable resource.

The auditing requirements for SAP environments are unlike any other system your team might encounter. Without proper training, even an experienced auditor will be unprepared to assess an SAP landscape. Your Audit team won’t know how to optimize technologies, policies, or people to manage the cyber-risk of your SAP environment. And if you rely on third-party vendors, who can’t contextualize their findings to the unique business and cyber risk associated with your landscape, you’re more vulnerable than you think.

To perform an effective SAP security and compliance audit, your team needs a solid understanding of SAP’s authorization concept and security design, as well as which parts of your landscape pose the most risk. Only then can they conduct a comprehensive audit to align with your overall security and compliance objectives and help keep your SAP landscape secure.

Corporate Online SAP Security Training for Auditors


eLearning & Subscriptions

Use the power of eLearning to master SAP security skills. Perfect for individual learners or corporate teams.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Exclusive SAP Security Training for Your Organization. A perfect fit for teams of 7 and up!

Tailored Training

Tailored Training

Don’t see the classes you need? Tell us your learning objectives and we’ll tailor a training just for your team.

Open Training Sessions

A great choice for smaller teams and individuals. These sessions are live, online & interactive.

Protecting Your SAP Landscape Requires the Silo-free Collaboration of 3 Lines of Defense

SAP landscapes (SAP applications, the operating systems, and databases) are highly complex. To secure yours from end-to-end requires the silo-free collaboration of 3 lines of defense:

  1. SAP Operations
  2. IT Security
  3. Audit
3 Lines of SAP Defenses

The problem is that each department has a drastically different perspective and role regarding security. The software itself is unique and requires a rare set of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to secure. On top of that, SAP is riddled with jargon. To communicate threats and risk, EVERYBODY needs to be up to date on the intricacies of SAP security AND speak a common language.

NO MONKEY ACADEMY offers role-based training that transforms your defenses into an internal army of highly skilled cyber-defenders. We’ll teach your people how to work together to safeguard your SAP landscape and protect your critical functions.

How the “No Hear Monkey” Prevents Auditors From Hearing About SAP Security Threats

Haven’t heard about the “No Hear Monkey” before? He’s the one bedeviling your Audit team, keeping them from putting the proper policies, security controls and procedures in place to protect your SAP environment against cyberattacks.

The No Hear Monkey shows up when an auditor lacks the skills to assess an SAP landscape from the viewpoint of the attacker. He creates silos, stopping your audit team from hearing about threats and vulnerabilities from IT Security, SAP Operations, and third-party vendors. Worst of all, he hinders your auditor’s ability to prioritize cybersecurity gaps and remediation activities based on risk.

Why Audit is Struggling

The difficulty for your Audit team begins with the unique security traits and relevance of an SAP landscape to the business. These systems are business-critical, highly customized, and as complex as the business processes they support. Without proper training, your auditor will struggle to find weaknesses and provide meaningful recommendations to help improve your SAP security and compliance level.

These challenges only compound when you consider that most organizations have very small auditing departments. This means their Audit team relies on third-party vendors and other departments to report on SAP risks. However, these outside parties aren’t always familiar with your data and business processes, let alone the risk exposure of your unique SAP landscape. Their guidance tends to be generic, when what you really need is information specific to the criticality of your SAP systems.

Even when Audit does get good advice, they may not be able to understand it. The world of SAP is filled with its own complex jargon, and without proper training, your Audit team can’t contextualize what they’re hearing. This limits their ability to prioritize threats, set benchmarks, or create effective plans based on audit findings — all of which puts your business at risk.

No Speak Monkey

NO MONKEY ACADEMY Teaches You to Audit Your SAP Landscape From an Attacker’s Point of View

NO MONKEY ACADEMY trains your Audit team on cybersecurity for SAP landscapes.

We prepare them with real-world scenarios of how external actors will try attacking your systems, while teaching them how to assess your SAP cybersecurity and compliance posture, and how to determine the security risk of an SAP operation.

Whether your organization relies entirely on an in-house auditing team or partners with third-party vendors, when your auditors are trained on how to work in an SAP environment, they can find threats before they realize and identify weak security and compliance practices.

Most important of all, our trainings are specially designed to unify your SAP security lines of defense. When your Audit team is working as an effective watchman for your IT Security and SAP Operations, you can rest assured that your organization’s crown jewels remain safe.

Choose the Right NO MONKEY SAP Security Training for Your Audit Team

NO MONKEY ACADEMY offers SAP security trainings designed to work within your Audit team’s busy schedule. Here are the training options we offer to help your auditing team assess the threats to your SAP landscape.



Our eLearning options empower your IT security team to learn at their own pace with on-demand courses available 24/7. These classes are designed to provide training that builds upon their existing knowledge to help upskill them quickly.

We are constantly expanding our course catalog to ensure your team has access to the most up-to-date information that best meets their needs.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Our Live Online Trainings are like an SAP security boot camp exclusively for your IT security team. These trainings combine learning and exercises to create a deeply immersive experience that makes a big impact.

Employers can select the training that best meets the needs of their learners and book a session exclusively for their team. During this training we’ll teach your people to put theory into practice through our unique hands-on virtual labs.

High-Impact Training Designed for Your Needs

High-Impact Trainings Tailored to Your Needs

For a learning experience designed around the needs of your team, we offer unique Tailored Training Sessions. Simply tell us your security objectives, needs, and requirements and we’ll create an engaging course designed to upskill your team’s ability to protect your SAP landscape.

We work closely with you to define the scope of these trainings and deliver specific recommendations based on your needs. It’s a great way to ensure the best learning approach for your team.

Open Training Sessions

Open Training Sessions

Eager to get your team trained? There’s no need to wait — Open Training Sessions are live, online and make a big impact now. They improve your security posture and breakdown the silos that exist between teams.

A great option for smaller teams and individuals who want to learn together with other organizations and other lines of defense. Sign up a month in advance or join last-minute. Save yourself a seat or a couple more for your team.

Open Training Sessions are regularly scheduled with rotating security topics. Improving your teams maturity just got a whole lot easier!

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