SAP Security Maturity Audit

Identify and Close Security Control Gaps Within Your Environment

The SAP Security Maturity Audit allows organizations to determine their SAP security posture based on their security controls implementation and maturity. Depending on the organization's risk appetite and industry requirements, the resulting outcome from the service enables organizations to increase their maturity and maintain their individual baseline when protecting SAP assets in the most targeted way.

How you will benefit from conducting the SAP Security Maturity Audit:

  • Identify an organization's maturity level in protecting their SAP environment based on known standards and methodologies
  • Implement missing security controls that are critical to the organization
  • Increase the organization's maturity level by implementing further security controls defined by the NO MONKEY's maturity model

Similar security services around your PROCESSES:

Each organization we work with has different needs. We offer a suite of services to help you better understand and protect your SAP landscape – such as the SAP Security Maturity Audit helps and benefits your PROCESSES security. The following offerings are similar services that safeguard your SAP environment through your processes:

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