Empowering SAPs Customer-Success-Teams
with Security and Compliance Expertise

About the Customer

SAP, a global enterprise software leader, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including the cloud offerings “RISE with SAP” and “GROW with SAP”.
This transformative solutions simplifies ERP processes in the cloud,
prioritizing security and trust.

The Challenge

SAP recognizes that ensuring robust security within their products is crucial. However, many of their customer-facing employees, including pre-sales, sales representatives, and business consultants, lacked in profound security knowledge around the cloud transformation. This knowledge gap hindered their ability to address customer security concerns effectively and provide valuable insights.

Our Strategy

NO MONKEY ACADEMY, known for its pioneering SAP security training, partnered with SAP Switzerland to bridge this knowledge gap. A needs assessment and consultation process were initiated to understand the specific requirements of each customer-facing user group.

Our Solution

NO MONKEY ACADEMY developed a customized training program tailored to the unique requirements of SAP’s customer-facing teams. This program focused on key security and compliance topics, equipping employees with the essential knowledge and skills needed to confidently address customer security queries. This tailored curriculum was delivered through two comprehensive half-day sessions, offering a 360° perspective on cloud security and essential security fundamentals within the context of SAP.

“We are committed to empowering our customer-facing teams with SAP security knowledge to provide exceptional success for the customer cloud transformation journey, thanks to NO MONKEY ACADEMY”

Dirk Hakenes
Head of SAP Cloud Business
at SAP Switzerland

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