The ÖVBS receives tailored training in cryptography

About the Customer

The Öffentliche Sachversicherung Braunschweig (ÖVBS) is an insurance company with over 265 years of experience and a broad portfolio, mainly property and personal insurance. As the regional market leader for the southeast of Lower Saxony, ÖVBS maintains proximity to its customers with around 1200 employees and almost 140 agencies in the region of Brunswick, Germany, with personal contracts for approximately 350,000 customers.

The Challenge

It’s a strategic objective of the ÖVBS to support and encourage their employees to constantly refresh and expand security knowledge and the skill to empower their three lines to design, govern, and implement resilient digital solutions. The insurance industry process and collect sensitive data. To ensure the protection of these assets, the correct application of cryptographic measures is crucial. The ÖVBS team was looking for tailored training to improve competencies to apply cryptographic measures and reduce knowledge barriers.

Our Strategy

We design targeted training through a preliminary analysis of the company’s objectives and learner competencies. This way, the training is tailored to the learners, and the learning outcomes are specific to the customer’s needs. With virtual live training, we provide a subject matter expert as an instructor interacting with a small group of learners without the hassle of traveling. The training sessions and exercises fit into the learner’s work schedule using time-boxed course segments.

Our Solution

With the “Basics of cryptography in corporate IT” course, we designed a half-day live class session followed by self-paced homework and an ask-me-anything session one week after the live class. As a result, the participants have gained a deeper understanding of the subject and how to apply it to their current projects and challenges at ÖVBS. The training was designed in close collaboration with Kai Combüchen (Software Architect) and Maico Rother (Systems Operations) by determining the customer’s preconditions and objectives based on the result of the NO MONKEY training design survey.

“Safety is too serious for a subject to study without humour. Thank you for the entertaining training in NO MONKEY style!”

Kai Combüchen
Software Architect at ÖVBS

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