Fuchs Petrolub SE improves security posture with Security Aptitude Assessment service

About the Customer

Fuchs Petrolub SE is a global group from Germany and the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer with approximately 5,700 employees.

The Challenge

In consequence of several prolific discussions on necessities as well as possibilities of strengthening the SAP security environment, Fuchs Petrolub got increasingly eager to know more about getting an external view on their status quo. The company wanted to identify its strengths and weaknesses and spot possible skill and knowledge gaps within its security governance.

Our Strategy

Given a chance to help Fuchs Petrolub getting to know more about their SAP security posture, we proposed to conduct a Security Aptitude Assessment. The service’s objective is to provide a profound report on the different skills, knowledge, and responsibility gaps of the representatives of the three lines of defense (operations, security, audit).

A survey covering different security criteria operates as the centerpiece of this service. Defining the assessment scope together with Fuchs Petrolub gave the customer the chance to always keep an eye on the survey’s execution in the desired manner. This way of conducting the service meant minimal time and effort on the customer side. It was easily integrable into the daily work routine – a significant asset for our clients when order books are full.

After evaluating all results, NO MONKEY put on a follow-up workshop: In this context, we determined the applicability of the defined scope and discussed potential factors for mitigating and amplification.

Our Solution

Conducting the Security Aptitude Assessment enabled Fuchs Petrolub to overview potential skill, knowledge, and responsibility gaps. Therefore, the company gained more transparency – and this determining factor helps prevent miscommunication and security weaknesses within the organization’s IT operations, security, and compliance areas. NO MONKEY empowered Fuchs Petrolub to make their point in understanding their SAP security environment in a different, more in-depth way. As a result, the company acquired the ability to make more efficient decisions on their organization’s security posture.

Potential next steps after a Security Aptitude Assessment

The Security Aptitude Assessment service is an excellent starting point for companies to improve their security posture, i.e., to increase the security capabilities of the team. Going one step further, you need to create a common understanding and build bridges between the three lines of defense. To do so, NO MONKEY offers a core business application security workshop as a structured approach to lower the knowledge asymmetry between the different stakeholders for SAP security.

“We decided to conduct the Security Aptitude Assessment because we wanted to get transparency on our organization’s skills, knowledge, and responsibilities – especially among the different departments IT operations, security, and compliance. Carrying out this approach was very professional and helped us realize where we can improve our SAP Security area.”

Markus Weissensel
Chief Information Security Officer & Manager of Group IT at Fuchs Petrolub SE

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