“All About Cybersecurity for Enterprises”

Learn how intruders attack your ERP landscape, do harm to your enterprise, and what you can do to prevent that. Marco Hammel, co-founder of NO MONKEY, and SAP Security Expert Steffen Trumpp are going to talk about what is going on in this twilight zone that threatens corporations, what kind of issues lead to risks that open up IT infrastructures to criminals, which opportunities you have to raise the level of security of your landscape and what are the worst and best ways to deal with this topic that is a lot more relevant than you may actually think.


„Wie kann ich eine Kultur für SAP-Sicherheit aufbauen?“ (only DE)

How can you develop a culture for SAP security? Why is this valuable and important for your business but sometimes not so easy to implement? Listen to this RZ10 podcast with NO MONKEY’s CTO and co-founder Marco Hammel, giving some valuable answers to these questions. He talks about removing possible obstacles on your way to an SAP Security Culture and how NO MONKEY can help you do that.


„Taub, stumm und blind – Risiken der SAP-Sicherheit“ (only DE)

In this episode of the “goCIO” podcast, NO MONKEY’s co-founder and CTO Marco Hammel talks with Mathias Hess about what companies can do not to be or become deaf, dumb, and blind. What potentials are to be awakened, and what should be paid attention to?

BREACH FM – Der InfoSec Podcast

„SAP Security machen die anderen“ (only DE)

For a long time now, Kim and Robert have been baffled by the fact that many IT teams find a high number of employees who are exclusively concerned with the topic of SAP. In a new episode, Marco Hammel explains why this is the case.

SAP Security & GRC Podcast (E13) – GRC Trends Report

As cloud adoption increases, clarity on ownership and risk exposure becomes blurred (4-part series)

Dudley, Emile, and Waseem discussing the change of the SAP security threat landscape with increased adoption of cloud solutions in the SAP technology use.

SAP Security & GRC Podcast (E17) – Security Risks and Opportunities of S/4HANA Transformations

Security risks and opportunities associated with SAP S/4HANA transformations

The conversation between Emile and Marco highlights common mistakes made during these transformations and emphasises the need to integrate security and compliance into strategic decisions early on.