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The courses follow the NO MONKEY SAP Security Matrix; each one of our modules fall into a specific category within the matrix. This makes it easier for teams and individuals to focus on the topics they specifically want to learn and for everyone to choose a learning path best suited to their previous experience and needs.

Fundamentals of SAP Remote Services

Learn how to explicitly identify what serves are connected to your SAP system.
Matrix Category: Identity; Integration

In this module you will:

  • discover what remote services are taking information from your system
  • determine the risk of the exposure from a specific service
  • know which SAP specific protocols provide access to business logic
  • Module Summary

    Learn how to discover SAP remote services using free available tools, like NMAP, and know where to look up the meaning of a service. Determine the risk of exposure for a specific service by being able to check the security features and the accepted protocols using Whireshark. You will get an overview which SAP-specific protocols provide access to the business logic and what possibilities there are to route and filter traffic of some of these protocols.