The NO MONKEY Advisory provides a strategic security solution that combines industry standards and our methodologies to guide organizations to adopt a tailored-to SAP security strategy. We focus on incorporating SAP security into your current cybersecurity strategy. We do this by focusing on the four elements within our framework;

  1. Security Roadmap
  2. Assessment Methodology
  3. Expert Certification
  4. Solution Evaluation

Each element is critical to creating a holistic solution that works with your current tools so you can implement the new security strategy instantly.

  • Security Roadmap

    In the first step, we define a personal SAP security roadmap that aligns with current audit results and standard information security methodology. The roadmap is created by applying a standardized framework by independent and unbiased experts to provide recommended actions by your risk priority, effectiveness, time, and budget.

  • Assessment Methodology

    After setting up the roadmap, we create an assessment for your entire company with a focus on your people, processes, and technologies. The idea is to learn what risks arise and identify the root causes of these risks. We then help prioritize the threats through quantitive risk analysis.

  • Solution Evaluation

    We evaluate a range of security solutions to assist you in mitigating risks with the input by the Advisory community who are experts in their subject matter. Each solution's constraints will be appraised to make sure they fit your specific needs. The ATT&CK Kill Chain will be used in conjunction with the best practices within the industry to create your personalized security playbook.

  • Expert Certificate

    On top of assessing solutions, we also provide assessments for your employees to determine the varying skills within your teams. This will help guide you to know where the strengths are and what areas should be improved. Each exam will have a certificate to make it easier for your employees to showcase their skills.